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The classes shown below are the Amor Dei Academy scheduled Fall 2024 classes

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Registration (see registration process) is required in order to secure class enrollment.  Registration fee for Amor Dei Academy is $125 per student per semester. Registration is performed by enrolling in Fall 2024 Student Registration below. The cost for each Fall 2024 class, other than Lunch & Fellowship, is $55/Month with five payments starting July 1st through November 1st. The cost of enrolling in Lunch & Fellowship is $75 per semester. 

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Fall 2024 Classes

Grades Kindergarten through 2nd Grades 3rd through 6th Grades 7th through 12th Extra Classes Additional Classes
8 AM
Fall 2024 Student Registration
Kindergarten - 12th
9 AM
K-2nd: Science Fun
Kindergarten - 2nd
3rd-6th: Fun with Lego
3rd - 6th
3rd-6th IEW Fix It! Grammar and Critical Thinking
3rd - 6th
10 AM
K-2nd: Fun with LEGO
Kindergarten - 2nd
3rd-6th: World Explorers
3rd - 6th
7th-12th: Creative Writing
7th - 12th
3rd-6th: Flavors of Fun Session 2
3rd - 6th
11 AM
K-2nd: Lunch & Fellowship
Kindergarten - 2nd
3rd-6th: Lunch & Fellowship
3rd - 6th
7th-12th: Lunch & Fellowship
7th - 12th
12 PM
K-2nd: Story Time & Show & Tell
Kindergarten - 2nd
3rd-6th: Flavors of Fun
3rd - 6th
7th-12th: Christian Worldview
7th - 12th
3rd-6th: IEW Wonders of Science Writing
3rd - 6th
3rd-6th: Lights, Camera, Action!
3rd - 6th
1 PM
K-2nd: Flavors of Fun
Kindergarten - 2nd
3rd-6th: Bible Study and Christian Worldview
3rd - 6th
7th-12th: Fallacy Detective & Logic
5th - 12th
1st-2nd: IEW People and Places in our community
1st - 2nd
2nd-5th Story Art
2nd - 5th
2 PM
1st-6th: Middle Ages History Club
1st - 6th
7th-12th: Business Entrepreneurship
5th - 12th
3rd-8th Frankie’s Fitness Club
3rd - 8th
3 PM
5th-12th: Studio Art
5th - 12th
4 PM
7th-12: Robotics
5th - 12th